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At Sur-Flo, we’ve been working with companies across North America since 1979 to provide simple and robust flow measurement and control technology.


A family-built company!

Our Story

At Sur-Flo, we’ve been working with companies across North America since 1979 to provide simple and robust flow measurement and control technology. Our dedication to simple and effective designs has saved our clients countless hours of time and operational cost savings. Our products step away from conventional design to provide you with a product that is simple, reliable, and robust.

As a family-built company, our core value has always been to put our customers first. We focus on providing quality products that are second to none, manufactured locally in our facility in Alberta, Canada. Delivering our products on time and to our customer’s satisfaction is what we do best. We can confidently say that once you try a Sur-Flo product, you won’t accept any substitute.

Our History

Our company started back in 1979 in Lloydminster, Alberta when the father of Sur-Flo’s current president decided to blaze his own path in the oil and gas service industry. Building a reputation for reliable and quality service, Lloyd Nelson worked long days to meet his clients’ needs. From humble roots as a one-man operation, the company garnered a reputation for the quality and reliability of its services.

The company grew over the years, but eventually, the economic downturn of the ’80s caused a reckoning in the oil and gas industry of Alberta. Sur-Flo almost followed the path of these companies, but the Nelsons weren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. After receiving a business and engineering degree and spending time in Calgary’s corporate world, Darrell Nelson decided to join his father at Sur-Flo to help revive the company and eventually take on the role of company president.

The combination of engineering expertise and industry experience led to the design of Sur-Flo’s patented Paddle Meter, Control Valve, and Rotoboss technologies. These innovations paved the way for Sur-Flo as it became a company that the industry knows and trusts to provide reliable and simple products, with superior customer service.

Our Mission Statement

Sur-Flo designs and manufactures robust and ecofriendly metering and pressure control products that are reliable, intrinsically simple, and extremely user-friendly. Our end goal is to deliver you a product that has reduced maintenance, minimal downtime, and results in long term savings. Our skilled manufacturing staff take pride in making best-in-class meters and controls, including products customized to your application. We’re proud to offer local support as we continue to operate where it all began in Alberta, Canada.

Our Vision

We are always striving to serve our clients better, which means we are constantly expanding our product lineup and manufacturing capabilities in order to fulfill your needs. Sur-Flo knows that above all else the key to our success is providing high-quality products that work. We listen to our clients’ needs and strive to provide products that are simple, efficient, and durable. Sur-Flo understands that our clients depend on the reliability and consistency of our products, and we promise to never compromise on quality as we continue to grow as a company. We continue to make products in-house in Calgary, Alberta.