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Paddle Meter

At Sur-Flo, we aim for a simple design that is durable and easy to maintain. Our Paddle Meters are uniquely built to handle high debris and high corrosion services.

TFX-5000 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Meter

This is a non-intrusive meter that is adaptable to almost every piping system. There is no need to adjust the existing piping for installation. The accuracy in liquid offers a 1% uncertainty in liquid applications that are free of gas/air bubbles.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Based on Faraday’s law of induction, these meters can measure almost any liquid, slurry, or paste that has minimum electrical conductivity.

Industrial Oval Gear Meter

This style of meter is available for up to 3” pipe sizes. It is ideal for extremely low flows and high-viscosity fluids.

Positive Displacement Meter

The Sur-Flo Model BS1750 positive displacement flow meter provides high measurement accuracy, trouble-free operation and a long service life for fluids over a wide viscosity range.

Gas Quiksert Turbine

This is a low-cost option for air and gas measurement. The Quicksert is only available in the 2″ wafer design, identical in dimensions to other manufacturers, and can be used with any pulse-drawn totalizer.

Roto-Boss Orifice Meter Run

Accurate, safe, and easy to operate, Sur-Flo’s patented Roto-Boss meter run is designed with five different orifice plate selections that are easily changeable for measuring gas.

Sage Thermal Mass Meter

The Sage Thermal Mass Meter is ideal for air and gas measurement in instrument air packages and flare lines used in carbon credit programs. This meter has a high sensitivity to low gas flow lines. In situ calibration eliminates downtime back on site. The new Sage Paramount™ Industrial Thermal Mass Flow Meter provides state-of-the-art