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Industry Flows Through Us

Sur-Flo products are built to last and excel in challenging, high-debris and high-corrosion services. We take your needs for measurement and control, and manufacture products that can handle whatever your operations throw at them. Our products resist plugs, wear and tear, to constantly stand the test of time. With our extensive supplier network and manufacturing capabilities, there are virtually no limitations to finding the right solution for your operations. Our focus is on providing you with robust, low-maintenance solutions that simply work.

Our selection of Flow Monitors is incredibly versatile, offering a wide range of technologies to ensure that we can provide the right monitor for your applications. We provide options for basic or advanced communication protocols, with explosion proof or non-explosion proof enclosures. Our Flow Monitors are compatible with all Sur-Flo Paddle Meters as well as other conventional turbine meters in the market. We keep our Flow Monitors well stocked at our manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta so we can efficiently meet your wants and needs. Still not finding the right flow monitor for you? Our vast supplier network has a wealth of additional options for you to select from. We also offer in-house servicing for all the totalizers that we stock for our customers’ convenience.

The Sur-Flo Paddle Meter is Canadian-manufactured at our facility in Calgary, Alberta. We customize the size, connections, and product material to ensure the product is a perfect fit for your operations. The Paddle Meter is designed to easily fit into your current operations – and since it doesn’t have the standard upstream and downstream requirements, it can fit wherever you need it to. We’ve made sure that our product is easier to install than conventional solutions and can be serviced in as little as three steps. If you are looking for a straightforward meter that can handle your tough operations, the Sur-Flo Paddle Meter is a perfect fit.