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Sur-Flo Bundles Up for Coldest Night of the Year

In a demonstration of solidarity and compassion, Sur-Flo’s dedicated team of employees recently participated in Wood’s Homes Coldest Night of the Year walk to raise money and awareness for hurt, hunger and homelessness. The funds raised through this event go towards Wood’s Homes Inglewood Opportunity Hub and warming centre which meets the essential needs of vulnerable people in our community.  With immense gratitude, Sur-Flo extends heartfelt thanks to our generous donors whose unwavering support made our walk possible!

Undeterred by the chilly weather, Sur-Flo’s employees embarked on a 5-kilometer walk, symbolizing their solidarity with communities nationwide. Along the route, they made a memorable pit-stop at Woods Homes Inglewood Location, where they were treated to comforting bowls of chili and warm beverages, serving as a reminder of the cause they were supporting.

Thanks to the immense generosity of donors, Sur-Flo’s employees raised an $1150, exceeding expectations and contributing significantly to the overall success of the event. This achievement underscores the profound impact that collective action and community support can have on those in need.

It is with deep appreciation that Sur-Flo acknowledges the invaluable contributions of our donors. Without your support, this feat would not have been possible. Each donation represents a beacon of hope for individuals facing hardship, and Sur-Flo is honored to have played a part in bringing that hope to fruition.

Furthermore, Wood’s Homes Coldest Night of the Year walk proved to be a resounding success, with over 300 walkers coming together to support the cause. With the collective efforts of participants and donors alike, the event met and surpassed its fundraising goals, ensuring vital resources are available to support those in need during the harsh winter months.

As Sur-Flo reflects on their involvement in the Coldest Night of the Year, we are filled with pride and gratitude. This experience serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that compassion, generosity, and community spirit can have on creating positive change in the world. Sur-Flo remains committed to continuing our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the community and looks forward to future opportunities to serve and uplift those in need.